Cozy Zone Tent Area with Tools

Cozy Zone Tent Area with Tools

Provide your children with a comfy-cozy place to help them relax and/or calm-down once they become upset or if they are tired, sleepy and need a quiet time.

Children need a safe-secure-loving place to go when they feel the onset of stress. This helps them cope and maintain good behavior. The Cozy Zone also is very helpful for children enable themselves to get out of their emotional brain and into their logical brain after they have already become upset and need to get back to their best selves behaviorally. The Cozy Space also provides new children in early childhood environments a positive space to spend time when they feel overwhelmed with this new life changes. 

What is included:

Cozy Zone Items:

  1. Bean Bag Chair
  2. 26" Sitting Bear
  3. The Big Bear Hug Story with 7" Bear
  4. Calm-Down Board Book
  5. Emotions Poster and Card Matching Sign Language Set
  6. Tent
  7. Calm-Down Poster


Available as a set for $159.95 or separately for individual pieces (volume discounts are available to outfit all your classrooms)

Price : $159.95