Dino Land Discovery Zone Toolkit

Dino Land Discovery Zone Toolkit

Dino Land Discovery Zone

Dino Land Discovery Zone is a fun zone to learn and play.  Comes with amazing dinosaurs, puzzles, games, books and activities to incorporate learning in your classroom while enhancing social-emotional skills.

Kit Includes:

18 Items:

Dinosaur Rug with 4 small dinos

3 Dino Caring Center Play Plush Dolls (Rouree Rex, Bruno Brontesaurus, and Toughee Triceratops)

Dinosaur Hand Puppets

Apatosaurus Giant Stuffed Animal

Dinosaur Outdoor Boy and Dino Play Set

Dinosaur Dawn Floor Puzzle (24 pieces)

Dinosaur Jigsaw Puzzle (4 in a box) 12 pieces each

Dinosaur Jigsaw Wooden Puzzle (24 pieces)

Dinosaur Chunky Puzzle (7 pieces)

Dinosaur Peg Puzzle (6 pieces)

Land of Dinosaur Floor Puzzle (48 pieces)

Prehistoric Sunset Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle (24 pieces)

Water Wow Dinosaur Play 

Rosa Love Dinosaur Book

Dinosaur Diner Book

5 Enormous Dinosaurs Book


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