Social Emotional Boy Doll Care Kit

Social Emotional Boy Doll Care Kit

Our new Baby Boy (children name) newborn is the cutest little guy around. Like the others, he has lifelike toes, belly button and a plump tummy. He comes in a cute blue and white striped onesie that has a dinosaur embroidered on it and matching pacifier."

Bonus:  Time to Sign will provide the feeding toolkit with bottle, bib, and chewing toy (a $11.50 value).  We also include:  Laminated Activity Sheet and Signs for baby care, learning, social-emotional development and play.


Doll Care:

Doll Care provides immeasurable benefits to young children’s social and emotional development. Participating in the process of caring for another, whether it is a person or animal, teaches so many of the character qualities that culminates in social/emotional maturity; namely: responsibility, cooperation, diligence, patience, caring, creativity, and determination. Having a doll caring center accessible to children in early childhood programs invites them to engage in process of learning to love and take care of that baby doll. Children greatly enjoy learning through play how to feed, change, potty train, bath, put down for a nap, and otherwise care for their baby doll. The doll care center also furnishes built-in lessons in the scholastic areas of:  Concepts–colors, recognition and selection; math–counting, measuring, sequencing and order; and science–life-cycles. Doll care experiences offer a special delight to the senses – seeing (watching their and others care of the doll(s)), hearing (listening to others interactions with the doll), touching (feeding, caressing, hugging, bathing, dressing, and potty training), smelling (clean and dry vs. wet/dirty and stinky), and tasting (pretend sharing food).

Price : $34.95