Educational Solutions for Young Children


Time to Sign provides research-proved educational training and resource material solutions for teachers, specialists, and parents.

Dr. Michael Hubler, Ed.D., has developed a series of professional development workshops based upon the latest research-proven early childhood education methodologies. These trainings use sign language as a tool to facilitate learning in a fun and memorable way.

The Time to Sign SCORE curriculum supports the implementation of other early childhood curriculums and developmental programs. Our curriculum enables you to add sign language to all early childhood learning in a fun and memorable way that also engages the parent, be they English or Spanish speaking.

Trainings include:  In each of the categories, click on Kits for the entire kit -  individual book - or Video. Books can be purchased through our store, or through (links provided will be to the amazon store) Videos are on demand- CDs are an additional $15.

Fostering Communication: Signing Fundamentals          

                           KIT             BOOK           VIDEO

Strategies for Classroom & Home Organization            

Home   :              KIT            BOOK            VIDEO

Classroom  :       KIT            BOOK            VIDEO

Early Childhood Behavior Management                       

                            KIT            BOOK            VIDEO

Social, Emotional, and Academic Learning (SEAL)      

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Understanding Our 4 Brains & Communication Languages   

                            KIT            BOOK            VIDEO

Everyone Can Sign: Special Needs                            

                            KIT            BOOK           VIDEO

SCORE Curriculum Implementation: Lesson Planning Part 1 (1st half of the year)       

                       Volume 1  BOOK  September to November

                      Volume 2  BOOK  December  to February

SCORE Curriculum Implementation: Lesson Planning Part 2 (2nd half of the year)      

                      Volume 3 BOOK  March to May

                      Volume 4 BOOK  June to August

Sign Language Fundamentals for Parents                   -  

                         KIT              BOOK           VIDEO

Yearly Refresher Training                                             

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In-class Coaching and Mentoring                                 


Christian Sign Language Training for Schools, Preschools, Sunday Schools, and Parents

                        KIT               BOOK           VIDEO

Training needs vary from organization to organization. Time to Sign will work with you to tailor your training to meet your specific needs.  We have the formula that works!