SEAL Team Social Emotional Academic Learning

SEAL Team Social Emotional Academic Learning

SEAL – Social, Emotional Academic Learning – Using American Sign Language (ASL) to Enhance Social and Emotional Learning; and Improve Classroom Management (Teacher Secrets For The Quietest Classroom in the School)Participants will learn how to use positive language, routines, visual cues, and great signs to enhance classroom management and have smooth, quiet transitions using American Sign Language in stories, play, songs, games, the classroom sign language activity clock and mnemonics.

Learning Objectives:

1. Learn to sign over 75 words and phrases; supportive language, emotions, manners, simple classroom management, visuals cues and fun transition signs and activities.

2. Learn how to incorporate sign language into the children’s daily routines and to enhance classroom behavior.

3.  Learn how to use whole brain learning

4. Become aware of the many other benefits of teaching sign language for classroom management and smooth transitions with young children.