100 Easy Ways to Promote Social Emotional Learning in Young Children Online Program

100 Easy Ways to Promote Social Emotional Learning in Young Children Online Program

Why should you try to enhance children's social emotional skills at a young age?

The truth about well-adjusted and successful adults is that it all begins with a good foundation in social-emotional learning (Hubler, EdD, SEL expert). 

Decades of research have proven that children with strong social-emotional skills do much better academically, form positive relationships with others, and are less likely to develop psychological, behavioral and academic problems.

The 100 Ways to Teach and Enhance Your Child's Social-Emotional Learning program is a comprehensive collection of strategies, resources, and also some basic SEL sign language teaching content. Research has proven that teaching social-emotional learning (SEL) improves children's skills in handling their emotions and helps them develop into socially competent adults.

Who can benefit from this program? All Children Birth to 6 Years of Age.

Online Program Special Price of $95.00!

teaches early childhood professionals, parents, teachers, and others how to help children develop into happy and successful individuals in school and life. This program addresses 100 different easy ways to promote social emotional learning in children from birth through age 6.

The program includes the following:

Digital Downloadable material: 

 Pre-Recorded 100 Ways to Enhance SEL of Young Children Training from Dr. Michael S. Hubler's 

Sign100 Easy Ways to Promote Social-Emotional Learning in Young Childrens eBook.

Language video lessons on topical areas of learning: emotions, manners, classroom rules, family, emotional skills, social-skills, welcome poster, stories in sign (Big Bear Hug & Kissing Hand, Tea Please).

Printable resources to assist in learning:  posters, card sets, handouts, signs to stories, and games.

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VALUE OF OVER $500 (training and resources)

Dropbox link good for 1 year.

Price : $95.00