Fostering Communications Toolkit

Fostering Communications Toolkit

Kit Includes:

Fostering Communications with Young Children: Signing Fundamentals Book w/DVD

  • Teacher (and Parent) and Student Together Time
  • All About You and Me
  • Positive Nurturing Relationships
  • Birth to 5 Years - Developmental Milestones
  • Understanding Children’s Communication Languages
  • Enhancing Family Communication Milestones
  • The Importance of Learning Through Play
  • Childhood Communication and Literacy Skills
  • Age Appropriate Activities for the Classroom or Home
  • Environment

Time to Sign Infant Toddler Music Book w/Music CD

  • 16 Familiar Nursery Rhymes and Other

  Easy to Learn Favorites

Posters: Alphabet Handshapes Mnemonics, My Family Tree, Healthy Foods, Colors & Shapes, and Weather

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Shipping : $8.00