Time to Sign Birth to Five Curriculum

Time to Sign Birth to Five Curriculum

Its Time to Sign with Young Children Complete Program! The fastest way to become proficient in signing with young children.  You can quickly and confidently learn to use American Sign Language (ASL) with this fun program filled with great easy-to-understand signs and descriptions. 

Finding it difficult to find the right American Sign Language for Young Children program?  Tired of searching online, trying to compare different products, trying to figure out what signs to use and when?

Using Time to Sign with Children Program and Curriculum in your early childhood program is so easy!  We have lesson planning guides for all ages from Birth to Kindergarten.  All levels offer comprehensive lessons, instrucitons and visuals that help young children learn and improve their signing skills.  Our program is also in Spanish for tri-lingual learning!  Our Time to Sign with Children program is formatted in a way that makes learning simple, fun and interesting with books, videos, posters, card games, and more.

18 years ago, we created an interactive, fun filled curriculum and program to help teach young children sign American Sign Language (ASL).  And, thousands of schools and millions of children across the country are using our mterials as they practice signing along with their favorite songs and stories.

Learn to teach American Sign Language (ASL) quickly and easily:  this is the fastest way to learn to teach and implement sign language into your program.   This program makes it easy for educators, caregivers, and parents, to use sign language with your children as early as birth.

Program includes:

  • Learn to sign in these great categories:  Language Arts, Feelings and Emotions, Character Social-Emotional Learning, Foods, Farm Garden and Animals, Community, School, Math and Numbers, Sports, Recreation and Art, Music (89 songs in sign), Family, Home, Holidays, and Transportation. 

  • Our step-by-step age-based Lesson Planning Guide makes it easy to teach signs for these categories.  , and easy to implement Young Children Activity Book and DVD's. 

  •    The set of 4 Quarterly SCORE Teacher's Manuals provides daily, weekly, and monthly lesson plans for the early childhood classroom 

  • Set of 14 posters, 10 of which have matching card sets 
  • Package Special Addition: Social-Emotional Learning & Activities Guide

  • Online platform for video lessons, printables, handouts, and more

  • Private Access to our Time to Sign Club Facebook 

  • 1 full year access to our members only TTS TV




Price : $995.00