About Lillian and Time to Sign Creation Story

About Lillian and Time to Sign Creation Story

Using Sign Language to help children communicate early and be understood

Time to Sign, Inc. specializes in providing American Sign Language (ASL) to centers, teachers, families and children across the globe. Our mission is to share the gift of sign language to enhance communication. Through the use of music, games, daily interaction, and hands on participation we can enrich your life and the lives of those around you.

Lillian Hubler is the President and Founder of Time to Sign. She is known internationally for her educational presentations on how to use American Sign Language (ASL) as a communication bridge for early childhood, school-aged children, in the commercial and military environments. ASL enhances literacy in young children, and personal growth and development.

Time to Sign, is dedicated to supporting effective and meaningful communications for children, families, caregivers, and businesses by teaching American Sign Language in a fun and educational way.

Time to Sign, Inc. has established a team of sign language service providers throughout the United States. We teach children, early childhood education professionals, families, adults and businesses American Sign Language (ASL) through the use of songs, games, stories and activities.

Lillian Hubler, our founder, is a dynamic educator who has taught over 250,000 early childhood educators Sign Language. She leads our wonderfully talented team of service providers who come from varied backgrounds such as: early childhood educators, sign language interpreters, deaf educators, speech and language pathologists, and elementary educators.


Lillian Hubler's story:

Hearing impaired has had a deep meanring to me ever since I was a little girl.  At age 3 I had become ill with mumps, the illness affected me in such as profound negative way.  as I recouped from the illness Iwas left with significant hearing loss, leaving me in a world of confusion and the inability to comprehend instruction and the ability to understand what others were saying to me.  My mother identified that there was a problem and brought me to an audiologist.  The professional diagnosed my hearing loss and prescripbed hearing aids to help with my loss of hearing.  The hearing aids worked to some degree, however I had tremendous difficulty deciphering dialogue from television, music and also from people that have accents.  Listening to my mother in crowds where background noise made it very difficult to hear her voice was exasperating.

Coping with this at such an early age was frustrating andsad for me.  I was not doing well and extremely withdrawn from family life, school and my friends, especially with my friends as I was made fun of and thought of as someone who just didn't get it.  Imagine that for a child who was tested back then and had I.Q. of 130.

The light shined for me when I was introduced to sign language.  This was my ears, my voice, my ability to understand, and finally a way to fully understand complete communication being sent to me and me responding in a cognitive way back to my audience.

Flash forward many years to my middle son who also suffered a debilitating set back and a loss of hearing at a very young age.  As a single mom who was working alot, Julian attended preschool and was having a tumultous time as he could not hear.  This lead to temper tantrums, lashing out at other kids and trachers calling me saying that he can not come back becausse of his behavior.  I was at my wits end, tyring to figure out what was going on with this otherwise gentle loving boy.

During that frustrating time period, I had an audiologist look at Julian and he was diagnosed with hearing loss.  I knew right away what I needed to do to help my son.  I taught my son sign language and went to the library to find the American Sign Language Dictionary.  The pictographs of the signs where so small in the dictionary, so I had to photocopy them in a blown up version and made the makeship book for Julian's teachers in order for the teachers to be able to communicate with my son.  The results of this intervention was remarkable!

My son had a tremendous turn around with his behavior, he was no longer crying out, nor was he fighting with the other children, he was understood, he was finally sming and felt accepted.  The teachers were so infatuated with the book I had made and used it with other kids that had learning disabilities and could not believe the positive results that sign language produced.

I found my calling, I started my company and called it Time to Sign.  This was 22 years ago, I left my career as a financial analyst and never looked back.  The materials, the books, the games, songs and professional teacher trainings and conferences have had such a profound success for the children and adults with disabilities, as well, as all children through the years.  Time to Sign has helped over one quarter of a million people and has made a very positive impact.  My mission is to reach so many more children and adults that need help in hearing, unmderstaning and comprehension that sign language brings.  This is a life long task that I take to heart and want to spread the word, both verbally and silently though the beautiful magic called sign language.

Bonus:  I added Spanish to all my books for the signs, great way to reach Spanish speaking children and adults as well.  

Sign Language is also an excellent 2nd language to teach your children and has truly helped our children with visual learning, social-emotional expression, and more..