Embracing Sign Language in Early Childhood Education to Enhance Communication

I've witnessed firsthand the transformative impact of incorporating sign language into early childhood classrooms. Sign language, often viewed primarily as a communication tool for the deaf and hard of hearing, has remarkable benefits for all children. In this blog, I'll explore why sign language is a valuable addition to any early childhood...


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Implement Social and Emotional Programs Early for Success

Time To Sign are the leaders in utilizing games, fun, songs, and American Sign Language to help our children become better social and emotional people.  "Social and Emotional People" are more compassionate, they don't bully; they care for their friends; and they have fewer errors in behavior. In fact, this is not just for young...

Source: Laura Berg, Babies and Sign Language

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Get them while they are young A baby forms 700 new neural connections per second

Get them while they're young: A baby forms 700 new neural connections per second. Peter Coy October 21, 2015 — 8:39 AM EDT Teacher with class of kids with raised hands Brain science and economics show that intervening to help children when they're very young is more cost-effective than waiting until they're in school. That's the...

Source: Bloomberg Business

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Staff Newsletter Teaching Babies to Speak with Signs

I love the fact that the staff knows how important this is in early childhood development. Have you checked out our new book – “Everyone can sign- Infant Toddler” it has great ideas and signs to work with infants and toddlers. Thank you for this great on! Staff Newsletter: Teaching Babies...


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