Young Boys and the Need to Develop Empathy

Doyin Richards previously wrote an article on boys need to better develop the skill of empathy (see below). This is key for them in the future as husband and fathers, but is often not done because it does not align with social norms, which after you read this you will agree need to be changed. Without the skill of empathy boys head down a...

Source: Article by Doyin Richards

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Get them while they are young A baby forms 700 new neural connections per second

Get them while they're young: A baby forms 700 new neural connections per second. Peter Coy October 21, 2015 — 8:39 AM EDT Teacher with class of kids with raised hands Brain science and economics show that intervening to help children when they're very young is more cost-effective than waiting until they're in school. That's the...

Source: Bloomberg Business

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