Baby Sign Language for Infants and Toddlers

Baby Sign Language  for Infants and Toddlers

Baby Sign Language with Toolkit (shipped priority)

This program teaches American Sign Language (ASL) to parents and/or caregivers to be used with infants/toddlers. This unique package includes the complete online pre-recorded workshop that teaches basic ASL words tailored for children from birth to 3 years through the use of age appropriate songs, games, stories and activities. This workshop is designed to increase communication for pre-verbal and/or non-verbal children.  Participants will learn over 175 signs, songs, and signs for stories and other activities.

Workshop topical areas of learning:

Basics Signs ~ Family ~ Emotions ~ Home ~ Manners ~ Focus & Praise ~ Colors ~ Play, Action, Texture ~ Animals (Farm, Pets and ABC to Animals ~ ABCS ~ Numbers ~ Nursery Rhymes ~ and more!

Songs: Animals on the Farm ~ Apples & Bananas ~ Bumble Bee ~ Five Little Monkeys ~ Happy Little Child ~ If Your Happy & You Know It ~ Itsy-Bitsy Spider ~ Muffin Man ~ Please and Thank You ~ Row, Row, Your Boat ~ Six Little Ducks ~ Ten Little Indians ~ Three Little Monkeys ~ Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star ~ Where Ae My Pets, and Where is Thumbkin

DropBox Link includes: 2.0 Hours of Pre-Recorded Training, video learning of activities to watch, learn and implement.  DropBox also includes eBooks – Mike and Lil Story Book, Alphabet to Animals & Numbers to Transportation Printable Resources – activities, card sets for basic signs (family, emotions, numbers, manners, colors and shapes, weather, farm animals), signs for stories and more


Price : $69.95