Back to Basics Positive Preventive Skill Building Activities Using ASL for SEL

Back to Basics Positive Preventive Skill Building Activities Using ASL for SEL

Course Information: Positive Preventive Skill Building Activities: Sign Language for Social & Emotional Learning   (w/ Dr. Michael Hubler & Lillian H Tobin)

Participants will learn how to implement social and emotional learning through the use of fun sign language, stories, songs, and games, as children learn best through visual, kinesthetic play. This workshop teaches early childhood methods and practices to augment teacher’s and parent’s capacity to guide their children socially and emotionally through a positive, preventative, and effective instructional approach. During this workshop participants learn to use sign language and other techniques to bring young children out of their emotional brain into their logical brain to enhance peer relations, the expression of their feelings in a positive manner, and to improve self-regulating behavior. Participants will experience Caring Centers that are fun and great for learning social and emotional skills (including: gardening, doll care, puppy care) and reinforced by teacher-led interactive storytelling, using signs, songs, games and activities. Participants will also receive great handouts full of ideas to incorporate in the Caring Centers play into their own classroom. Participants will also learn how to enhance children’s playtime by teaching their children to self-regulate, develop perseverance, and problem solve. These social-emotional skills are the necessary stepping stones to boost your children’s academic and, ultimately, life success. Additionally, participants will learn how to deal effectively with misbehavior based on the and latest best practices. Participants will learn to flip all of their home or classroom misbehaviors into opportunities to provide positive reinforcement necessary to eliminate future misbehavior. Learn to teach your children to problem solve for themselves to enable them to deal with situations that cause them frustration and result in errant behavior. Also, learn to teach and promote children's self-control. Participants will also learn how to teach their children to empathize with others. This is particularly important for our boys in the classroom. Participants will also learn to use common classroom emotional learning scenarios to help children understand and control their emotions and resultant behavior.

A complete toolkit will be provided with purchase and shipped directly to your location via US Priority Shipping.

DropBox Link includes: eBooks which include our Social-Emotional Activity Guide, Caring Centers Play cards, Printable card sets for ABC to Emotions, Emotions, and Manners, as well as video links for topical areas of learning

Price : $225.00