Back to School with Time to Sign Online Program

Back to School with Time to Sign Online Program

Back to School with Time to Sign Online Program is Special Priced at $95.00!

The program is filled with amazing and useful resources for beginning of the year fun and exciting learning.  You will be able to implement signs for welcoming, rules and routines, transition songs, clean up fun activities, naptime activities, and more.  This program is easy to implement the signs to enhance communication, pre-literacy and literacy skill building. This revolutionary approach to teaching American Sign Language (ASL) to children includes songs, games, and stories taught through a high interest, low pressure approach. Time to Sign's unique materials encourage self-motivation and creation of language.

Want to continue the learning in your program?

Purchase our Back to School with Time to Sign Fully Online Program!

This program is uniquely designed to teach you signs for everyday activities in the classroom from

Picture Schedule, Transition Songs, Basic Signs, Classroom Management, and so much more. Over 3 Hours of self-paced videos for easy implementation, printable materials, and more.

What you will receive:

Over 3-Hours of pre-recorded learning

Online Toolkit for printing

1 - Year full access to the Time to Sign Dropbox.  Included in the DropBox is handouts, printable, video link access to the training and other videos for quick learning of signs for different topical areas.

Outcomes after completion of this training:

Participants will be able to incorporate sign language into their daily schedule

Participants will learn over 150 signs

Participants will be able to use sign language for many areas of learning in the classroom for better classroom management and behavior (picture schedule, rules, songs, games and stories)

Participants will learn how to turn errant behavior into positive behavior the easy way

and more...

 Program retail value over $1,200.00


Price : $95.00