Embrace and Educate SEL Toolkit for Young Learners

Embrace and Educate SEL Toolkit for Young Learners

Introducing the "Embrace & Educate: SEL Toolkit for Young Learners." This comprehensive package is designed for those teaching social-emotional skills to children. It's perfect for educators, parents, and caregivers.

Highlights of the Toolkit:

  • Engaging Books: A selection of books that teach empathy, self-awareness, and relationship skills.
  • Interactive Posters: Colorful posters that visually convey SEL concepts.
  • Activity Guidebook: Fun, practical activities for different learning styles.
  • SEL Flashcards: Cards to help children express and understand emotions.
  • Digital Resources: Access to downloadable worksheets, lesson plans, and videos.
  • Resource Booklet for Adults: Strategies for implementing SEL in daily interactions.
  • DropBox Online Portal:  with eBooks, printable resources, mini video lessons and more

Why Choose This Toolkit?

  • Covers Essential SEL Skills: Comprehensive approach to social-emotional learning.
  • Age-Appropriate and Engaging: Perfectly tailored for young learners.
  • Versatile Use: Ideal for classrooms, homes, and childcare settings.
  • Supports Diverse Learning: Materials cater to various learning needs.

Ready to foster emotional intelligence in young minds? Get your "Embrace & Educate: SEL Toolkit for Young Learners" now and make a lasting impact.

Price : $49.95