In-Class Coaching with Teachers & Children:

Learn Games, Songs and Stories to Create your very own ‘My Friends and Me Learning Den’ Area and ‘Comfy Cozy Calm-Down Cove’ with Classroom Toolkit (up to 3 classrooms)

My Friends and Me Learning Den

Consultant(s) will provide Time to Sign program coaching and modeling sessions directly with the children and staff in each classroom. In-class modeling/instruction time will vary from 1.0 hours in each classroom covering up to 3 classrooms each day.   A complete classroom toolkit will be provided for use while coaching and modeling and then train the teachers on the resources.

Consultant(s) will work with teachers and students to:

  • Learn fun games for language and literacy
  • Develop Social-Emotional Skills through play for manners, emotions, sharing and caring.
  • Provide resource materials on each area of learning such as stories, games, music and toys.
  • Provide tools and teaching strategies to promote children’s self-regulation and perseverance.
  • Provide toys and resource materials that promote team building and positive ways to work with their peers and self-regulation skills for use during times when errant behavior such as temper tantrum, lack of sharing, power struggles and more can arise.
  • Teach children behavioral signs and phrases
  • Role-Model Storytelling and meal-time activities
  • Role-model instruction of indoor and outdoor activities

Comfy Cozy Calm-Down Cove

These tools can be used to create a new calm-down space or to better the one you already have. Sometimes our young children need a quiet place to calm-down.  We have put together some wonderful tools and play ideas to help your children express their feelings, and calm-down, such as books, breathing exercises, music and more… 

Coaching Instruction includes how to use the supplies and activities provided by Time to Sign to learn and practice self-control as follows:

  • 26” Comfy Cozy Black Bear to hug, love, and sign to
  • Emotions Poster and Card Set to help children identify what emotions they are feeling
  • Calm-Down Time Board Book to go over calm-down strategies with children or for them to flip through the pages on their own to use the pictures to guide them
  • Itsy Bitsy Spider Board Book to sign along to familiar nursery rhymes
  • Puppy with Signs to hug, love, and play with
  • Big Bear Hug Book for children and teachers to re-learn how to control their anger
  • Felt Feeling Set to help children express their feelings and those of others
  • The Kissing Hand Board Book, Felt, and Raccoon set to help children who may be feeling separation anxiety, especially at the beginning of the year
  • Nursery Rhymes Music Book
  • Fox Teether to help children with issues of biting when they are young

Coaching instruction will also include the usage of some of the other recommended items that can be picked up inexpensively and locally to fully outfit you calm-down space.