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14 + Years Ago, Founder and President, Lillian Hubler was a Financial Executive with a large corporation, married with 2 Children.  When her youngest child stopped talking and communicating as a direct result of a divorce – Lillian knew she needed to do something to help her child.  After studying the best ways to help her son, she found American Sign Language to be the best way for him to communicate through this difficult time.

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Who knew what a great opportunity this was going to turn out to be?!   Since then, Lillian Hubler has trained over 50,000 Educators in 5 different countries and (almost) all 50 states!   Her programs are designed as keynote addresses for large corporations, training classes for educators and parents and covert communicators.  (Like for bank employees, service employees and loud environments).

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We have over 200 pieces of curriculum to help Parents, teachers, administrators and Human Resource Professionals. You can see all of the products – in the STORE to see all of the curriculum, training classes, certified centers and certified instructors, click on the resources that you would like to learn about.

Once you receive the gift of Sign, and learn how the communication works – how the brain works- and how to create the best in classroom management, you will be more effective in dealing with children and your co-workers.  When children are School Age - Time to Sign - American Sign Languageready to learn, and ready to have compassion for their friends and fellow students, your children will be more effective learners and will get the most out of their classroom experience.  Your co-workers will appreciate another way to communicate when verbal communication is not necessarily the best mode – reasons could include needing help and safety issues.

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Celebrating Diversity with Sign! ~ Sign Language for Tri-lingual Classrooms: English, Spanish & Sign

Ready, Set Sign! ~ Sign Language for Classroom/Behavioral Management and Smooth Transitions

    Let’s Communicate! – Sign Language to create positive and healthy social environments

    Ready, Set, Read! ~ Sign Language for Literacy, Phonics and Story Telling the Fun Way!